What to Expect


Each Sunday morning, Logos Community Church gathers together as a church family to worship Jesus, to sing songs of praise, to sit under the preached Word of God, and to be transformed by the good news of the Gospel.

Whether you would describe yourself as a Christian or not, we would invite you to join us this Sunday. We hope to provide you with a welcoming and loving environment to bring your questions, curiosities, and skepticism as you check out this things called "Christianity." 

Service Time: 10a

Our worship services tend to be very casual, so it's quite common to find people wearing jeans or shorts. Come as you are. When you arrive, help yourself to a cup of coffee in our Connections Area. As you enter our worship gathering, feel free to pick up a Bible. If you don't already own one, consider it our gift to you.

Our worship services are typically about 90 minutes. When we gather together on Sunday, it is our desire to be encouraged and transformed by the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. That's the reason why we sing. That's our motivation to pray and give. He's the gift for which we continually thank God.